Final conference – Vienna – 19 September 2019

Final conference – Vienna – 19 September 2019

The main aim of this final conference was to increase the awareness  of the importance of the topic treated within the CYCLES project. Further, this event also served as an exchange platform and through the  workshops it was also possible to come up with further project ideas or discuss possibilities of transfer.

The first key note speaker was Martin Taborsky of the Austrian National Bank. Mr. Taborsky is the head of the department for financial education in the Austrian National Bank. The title of the key note speech was „Financial Fitness in a changing world“. Mr. Taborsky especially mentioned the vulnerable groups like young people or lower educated people who still have issues with financial decisions. The Austrian National Bank tries to increase the awareness of these vulnerable groups through many projects and activities in Austria.

The second key note speaker was Gerhard Ruprecht from the „Zweite Sparkasse“ Austria which is a bank with a focus on people who have financial issues. Gerhard Ruprecht is board member of the Zweite Sparkasse and he made the speech instead of Günter Benischek who is also a board member of the „Zweite Sparkasse“. Unfortunately, Mr. Benischek became sick and was not able to hold the speech. Mr. Ruprecht talked about the concept of the „Zweite Sparkasse“ which helps people with financial issues and people who do not get a bank account anywhere else. The „Zweite Sparkasse“ only consists of voluntary workers and the target is of course to help people with financial issues to emerge from their issues.

After the lunch break the conference continued with a short presentation of the care leaver association. Then we continued with a walking poster session for each module of the project. Intellectual output 1 was represented through Gerhard Lechner (FH JOANNEUM) and Hermann Radler (BTG Austria), module 2 through Dashenka Kraleva and Katerina Simeonova (FICE Bulgaria), module 3 through Signe Nelgen (IKJ Mainz) and module 4 through Jakub Iwanski (Fundajca Robinsonowie) and Katie Brown (SOS Jeunesse). Each group presented the major outputs of the modules through posters and discussed them with the audience. The second part of the walking partner session was the experience of each country with the training implementation.

The conference ended with a panel discussion with Katie Brown (Group SOS Jeunesse), Fabienne Landerer (Care Leaver Association), Gerhard Lechner (FH Joanneum), David Stögmüller (Member of the Federal Counsil – The Green Party) and Florence Treyvaud-Nemtzov (SOS children’s village International).


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